Accessories and Hot Tub Essentials

Softub Headrest

Ultimate comfort for head, neck and shoulders with this Softub Pillow
More EUR 70.00

Kool Tray

Keep your drinks cool this summer
More EUR 70.00


Softub Mini Me - the perfect cool box!
More EUR 478.00

Softub booster seat

This comfortable cushion is ideal for all Softubs
More EUR 30.00

Inflatable Spa Bar

Floating Spa Bar for your Hot Tub
More EUR 24.00

Underwater Light Show

Floating Disco Ball for your Hot tub
More EUR 40.00

Waterproof Playing Cards

A great gift idea for your hot tub
More EUR 15.00

X-Stream Spinning Jet

X-Stream Spinning Jet
More EUR 30.00

Duck Thermometer

Duck Thermometer for your spa
More EUR 15.00

Softub Pulsating Jet

Softub Pulsating Rotation Jet
More EUR 30.00

Spa Hand Skimmer Net

The Spa Hand Skimmer Net is ideal for cleaning the water surface of your Softub
More EUR 18.00

Cover stand

Practical stand for your Softub lid
More EUR 70.00

Cover RX Lid Lifter

Lid lifter for your Softub
More EUR 190.00 OUT OF STOCK

Softub Handrail with LED light

Softub Handrail for safe and easy access
More EUR 190.00

Cover Shelf

Softub Cover Shelf
More EUR 150.00

Surround Planter

Surround Planter in Hardwood
More EUR 178.00

Wood Planter

More EUR 70.00