Chemicals and Hot Tub Supplies

Softcare Plus

Softcare plus test strips and scumbug,
More EUR 162.00


The best water care product for your Softub
More EUR 144.00

Spa Starter Pack

Spa Starter Pack for Softub
More EUR 64.00

Softub Filter Sock, blue or pearl

Softub Filter Sock, blue or pearl
More EUR 28.00

Softub Filter Snap On (old model)

Softub Filter Snap On (old model for Softubs produced before 2011
More EUR 58.00

Softub Filter Snap On

Softub Filter Snap On (new model)
More EUR 59.00

Softub Filter Frog

Sanitisation Aid for your filter
More EUR 42.00

Chlorine Granules

Chlorine Granules(1kg) hot tub chemical
More EUR 14.00

Spa PH Plus

Spa PH Plus (1kg) hot tub chemical
More EUR 14.00

Spa PH Minus

Spa PH Minus (1 kg) hot tub chemical
More EUR 14.00

Aquacheck Water Testing Strips

Bottle of 50 Test Strips for simple hot tub treatment and care
More EUR 14.00

Aquacheck Trutest

Digital Test Strip Reader

Tru Teststrips

Tru Test Reader Compatible Strips
More EUR 14.00

Spa Film Cleanse

Spa Film Cleanse for Softub
More EUR 18.00

Ultra Mitt

Ultra Mitt - Spa Scum Mitt
More EUR 12.00

Swirl Away

Swirl Away Spa and Pipe Cleaner for easy hot tub care
More EUR 14.00

Scum Sponge

Oil absorbing sponge in different shapes
More EUR 14.00

Spa Sparkle

Clarifier for cloudy tub water
More EUR 14.00

Spa No Foam

Spa No Foam (1 Ltr.) for simple hot tub water treatment
More EUR 14.00

Softub Care Set

Softub Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner Set
More EUR 28.00

Paradise Spavac

Hand held Spa Vaccum Cleaner
More EUR 58.00

303 Aerospace Protectant

303 Aerospace Protectant 16oz or 8oz
More EUR 15.00

Tear Aid Kit Vinyl Type B

Tear Aid Kit for Softub liners
More EUR 14.00